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My name is Lauren and I am a loser who eats too much and runs a Naruto blog. Things that are not Naruto will be tagged respectively. I am in love with a gross snake man and nothing can save me now. Pokemon Friend Code: 3265-6485-5787 Friend Safari: Ice


madara is so OP, they said. orochimaru can’t do shit, they said


Okay, but, Gaara and Naruto gardening together.

Naruto not being at all surprised to find out that Gaara is a master at cacti cultivating, but is terribly shocked to find out that he also spends a lot of time in the Suna greenhouse. (Naruto being surprised Suna even has a greenhouse.) Naruto taking Gaara around Konoha, and Gaara stopping every few feet to look at different plants, because they don’t have any of these types. Naruto visiting Ino every day to learn all about plants so that when Gaara comes next, he can tell him all of their names and bloom times and what they need to grow properly. Naruto saving up all his money from missions to surprise Gaara by taking him to the Yamanaka flower shop and buying Gaara all these potted plants to take home to Suna. Gaara paying him back in ramen, because think of how many times he would have had to turn away from Ichiraku’s. Gaara surprising Naruto with a special watering can when he comes to visit so that they can garden together (and god help you if you touch that watering can and your name is not Naruto Uzumaki). Gaara bringing his favorite cactus to Konoha to give to Naruto (and Naruto bursting out into tears because he’s just so emotional, especially when it comes to Gaara. Esepcially when it comes to Gaara being a squishy cutie pie).

Just, little loser jinchurikis and their gardening.


imagine if another character had short hair


'Tis the season!! So recently I've been struck with holiday spirit and I decided it's time to spread some Christmas Cheer into this fandom!!

The event will take place in the month of August. Much like other events (such as ship weeks or character weeks) this event has different daily themes. The calendar above shows the theme for each day.

You can write fics, draw fanart, make edits, or do like whatever your little hearts desire for each of the days! Be sure to tag all your posts with #narutosummerxmas, and check out the tag too while the event is going on!!! :)

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when naruto ends

kishi: oh well looks like i finish this fucking manga for once
kishi: sasuke is a good guy now,naruto is the hokage,everything is fine
kishi: and i am rich hahaha
kishi: omfg
kishi: yamato



imagine your icon tucking you into bed and reading to you